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The reservations for the 2020 season are open since 04/11 !!!

Useful addresses

Our must visit restaurants

- Le Panorama, with an unrestricted view over the Arcachon Basin: reservation at the restaurant or on +33 (0)

- Campsite deli: eat in or takeaway

- La Salie: at La Salie Sud, +33 (0) (5kms from the campsite)

- Chez Aldo: Petit Nice beach, +33 (0) (2kms from the campsite)

- La Maison Blanche: 50 metres to the right of the campsite, +33 (0)

- La Cabane de l'Aiguillon : +33 (0) (14kms from the campsite)

- le Royal Moulleau : +33 (0) (9 kms from the campsite)


Everyday in the town centre at La Teste de Buch and Arcachon, come and try the local specialities.

We hold a market on our campsite every Thursday and Sunday afternoon in high season.

Food shopping

The campsite Vival offers a varied choice of products that a family needs for cooking and everyday life, as well as bread, pastries and cakes baked fresh several times a day.

There is also a branch of Intermarché (large supermarket) 10 kms from the campsite.

A good fishmonger

The fishmonger in l’Aiguillon offers a varied choice of seafood and Arcachon Basin specialities (oysters, sole etc).

Seafood platters available to take away

Contact: Poissonnerie de l'Aiguillon 51 boulevard Mestrezat - 33120 ARCACHON France
Tel.: +33 (0)5 56 83 70 53 -